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Blog #21 香港第一個音樂治療研討會! The First Ever Music Therapy Conference in HK!

Blog #21 香港第一個音樂治療研討會!

香港第一個音樂治療研討會已經圓滿結束, 十分榮幸可以一齊同其他六位conference committee team members 以一年的時間統籌和舉辦這個為期四日的研討會. 這次研討會為期四日,邀請了來自海外音樂治療的權威(Prof. Leslie Bunt, Prof. Katrina McFerran, Ms. Eleanor Richards, Dr. Alan Turry, Dr. Barbara Wheeler 及本地音樂治療師進行交流,從而提升本港音樂治療水平。透過不同的分享會、工作坊及體驗活動,讓各界人士認識音樂治療在不同範疇的應用及發展。音樂治療是一項輔助醫療,可應用於不同層面及範疇。

好多時候我們身為音樂治療師經常閱讀到關於這五位大師嘅書和文章, 但係一定唔及可以親身認識這五位音樂治療師, 直接問佢地在我腦中徘徊咗好耐的幾十萬個問題.

Eleanor RIchards, my Professor from Anglia Ruskin University,

Photo Left: Eleanor Richards, my Professor & supervisor from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. Specialized in psychodynamic music therapy, her group improvisation session is highly reflective, provoking insights and self reflections. Photo Right: Alan Turry, specialized in Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy, a musician and music therapist I admire, someone who can turn any client's response into something very musical, using musical vocabulary to elicit response and action of a client.

在這個研討會當中, 我也十分榮幸有機會同大家分享我第一個關於音樂創作係音樂治療當中的應用 (therapeutic music production). 這個題目係我工作上最passionate 的一個範疇, crossover 我身為音樂治療師和音樂製作人嘅兩個唔同身份. 音樂製作這個topic 好似係音樂治療界別上唔係太過普遍, 還未有好多人去探討這個範圍. 但係這次的研討會上, 竟然比我遇上了一位同路中人, 在澳洲專登飛過來參加研討會的 Carlin McLellan,在當中佢嘅工作坊都分享左關於music technology 係音樂治療嘅應用.

想知道關於多啲音樂創作係音樂治療當中的應用 (therapeutic music production)? 留意下一個 Blog #22!

Blog #21 The First Ever Music Therapy Conference in HK!

It was an honour to be part of the conference team to organize and host the first ever music therapy conference in Hong Kong. The conference included a blend of keynote presentations and workshops, span across four days, by internationally renowned overseas music therapists as well as local music therapists. We were pleased to have Prof. Leslie Bunt, Prof. Katrina McFerran, Ms. Eleanor Richards, Dr. Alan Turry with us during the weekend.

Often we as music therapist read so much about a specialized topic written by the most knowledgeable therapist in the field and nothing beats the fact to meet the author/therapist in person to ask them directly the hundred million pressing questions in your head.

I was also thrilled to have the opportunity to speak at the conference with my first ever presentation on therapeutic music production. This is a topic that I’m very passionate about, a crossover between my two identities as a music therapist and a music producer. Music production and music technology is something that’s seem to be missing in the literature of music therapy and it was quite a pleasant surprise to meet another music therapist/music producer Carlin McLellan from Australia who has the same passion, also presented about music technology in the conference.

Wanna know more about therapeutic music production?

Follow my next blog entry #22 to know more about therapeutic music production!

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