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May 05, 2020

迎接2020 年新的季節 New Season New Venue

迎接2020 年新的季節, 我們將會將搬到觀塘, 和幸福傳聲基金會合作一同為不同人士服務. 繼續令音樂和藝術的力量可以感染到更多人, 將會擴展社區音樂/藝術小組, 音樂藝術治療小組, 個人音樂藝術治療等服務. 繼續留意我們的網站和Facebook!  

We are excited that this new coming season starting from June 2020, we will move our venue from Sheung Wan to Kwung Tong, partnering up with BlessVision Foundation to serve a range of clients. Unleashing the power of music and art to reach a wider range of people from community music/art jam to music/art group therapy to individual music/art therapy. Stay tune to our upcoming service!

January 26, 2020

Blog #27 尼泊爾音樂和藝術治療關懷行動Nepal Music & Art Therapy Caring Journey


我們有幸被幸福傳聲基金會邀請去到尼泊爾一間庇護中心為人口販賣行動拯救出來的一班青少年進行為期三天的音樂及藝術治療之旅. 讓年青人利用不同媒體表達自己,找回自己的聲音。

Nepal Music & Art Therapy Caring Journey

We are very grateful to be invited by BVF to visit a shelter in Kathmandu, Nepal to trial run a four days music and art therapy journey with seven teenagers, using different media to express themselves and find their own voice.

August 16, 2018

Blog Update: Blog #21 香港第一個音樂治療研討會! The First Ever Music Therapy Conference in HK!

Blog #21 香港第一個音樂治療研討會! The First Ever Music Therapy Conference in HK!

香港第一個音樂治療研討會已經圓滿結束, 十分榮幸可以一齊同其他六位conference committee team members 以一年的時間統籌和舉辦這個為期四日的研討會. 這次研討會為期四日,邀請了來自海外音樂治療的權威(Prof. Leslie Bunt, Prof. Katrina McFerran, Ms. Eleanor Richards, Dr. Alan Turry, Dr. Barbara Wheeler 及本地音樂治療師進行交流,從而提升本港音樂治療水平。透過不同的分享會、工作坊及體驗活動,讓各界人士認識音樂治療在不同範疇的應用及發展。音樂治療是一項輔助醫療,可應用於不同層面及範疇。


It was an honour to be part of the conference team to organize and host the first ever music therapy conference in Hong Kong. The conference included a blend of keynote presentations and workshops, span across four days, by internationally renowned overseas music therapists as well as local music therapists. We were pleased to have Prof. Leslie Bunt, Prof. Katrina McFerran, Ms. Eleanor Richards, Dr. Alan Turry with us during the weekend.

January 10, 2018

Introducing new jamming group: 夾樂園 • 族  Jamsical—ImprovFuz

夾樂園 • 族 

連繫一班玩世界民族樂器或奇形怪狀樂器的音樂人, 每次透過即興jamming, 探索fusion modal 音樂世界.

-發掘與探索「調式音樂」(Modal Music) 和印度傳統音樂旋律調式 Raga
-請攜帶自己的樂器一齊 jam (會場只提供敲擊樂器)
-手碟, 手鼓, 傳統樂器, 世界民族樂器, 中樂等等 
Rav drum, Handpan, Hand drums, Ethnic traditional instruments, Chinese instruments etc!! 
-免費入場, 歡迎捐款 (建議$80 租場)

Connect a community of world ethnic/ unique & strange instrumentalist to explore modal music soundscape through improvisational music jamming.

-Explore modal tonality, modes and raga in improvisation
-Fusion jam (blending unusual instruments around the world)
-Bring your own instruments, some drums and small percussion provided
-All levels and playing experience welcomed 
-Meet new musician friends and jam together
-Rav drum, Handpan, Hand drums, Ethnic traditional instruments, Chinese instruments etc!! 
-Monthly gathering (last week of the month)
-Free, donation welcomed (suggested amount $80 to contribute to venue rental)

January 15, 2018

Blog #18: 調式音樂/印度音樂/夾樂園 • 族 ImprovFuz

Blog #21 香港第一個音樂治療研討會! The First Ever Music Therapy Conference in HK!z

September 11, 2017

Blog Update: Blog #16: 由即興音樂看即興人生 From Improvisational Music to an Improvisational Life.

即興音樂是一種藝術, 絕對不只是在樂器上「求其」製造一些聲音出來. 即興音樂是一種即時性的音樂創作, 需要演奏者將當下的情感, 想法, 利用所有累積了的音樂知識和演奏技巧同一時候表現出來, 還要對周圍的環境, 人物, 其他演奏者作出音樂上的回應和溝通. 產生出來的音樂是浮動的, 沒有特定的軌道, 特定的聲音, 不知道音樂中有什麼元素會突然出現, 突然消失, 何時完結; 即興音樂是一剎那的流露, 那個時刻只會在時空中出現一次, 然後消失. 只有錄音才能夠將它保存下來. 如果將即興音樂「逐粒豆豉」記錄下來, 張那記錄下來的音樂再一次彈奏, 這個音樂已經不算是即興音樂.

Improvisational Music is an art, it’s definitely not merely random sounds produced on an instruments. It is a creative act that’s spontaneous, in-the-moment musical composition which allows the performer to express thoughts, feelings, mental state of mind as well as using all the accumulated musical knowledge and instrumental techniques, one also has to musically communicate and respond to the surrounding environment, people and other performer. 

August 14, 2017

Blog Update: Blog #15 樂出真我 Who are you really???

你是誰? 這個好像是一個十分無聊的問題, 一個好像是common sense的問題.…但是你真的知道你是誰?? 你有多了解你自己?? 知不知道你的一舉一動的源頭?? 知不知道有哪一些的人你會想逃避或些黐着不放?? 有什麼東西是你的推動力, 什麼工作或活動能帶給你人生意義??

Who are you? Do you know who you really are? How aware are you towards yourself? Do you know why you are acting the way you are, or feeling the way you feel? Do you know why you have a strong need to avoid or stick like a magnet with a certain type of people? Do we know what motivates us, energize us or the things that brings us fulfillment?

July 30, 2017

Blog Update: 部落格 ​ Blog # 14 街頭賣藝/夾樂圆/「樂」 Busking/Jamsical/Musicking

街頭賣藝真的是一門藝術,不只是單單的將一個人的藝術帶到社區上表演給路過的人。我覺得街頭賣藝其實是一種對個人有治療性質的活動,這個活動需要人去突破多重的心理障礙才能夠成功呼喚一人的肢體去願意攜帶所需的樂器然後踏出舒服的家/studio,還要有足夠的自信心但同時又不能有太多的自我意識(self-conscious) 去理會其他人的目光。

June 03, 2017

Blog Update: 部落格 ​ Blog # 13 人生音樂時間線 Musical Timeline

最近我突然間想去清理我收藏了很久的音樂珍藏CD & MD, 當我逐一拿上手去欣賞的時候, 有趣的事情就發生了. 突然間好像哈利波特的故事情節, 裏面有一間Dumbledor的房子裏邊儲存了很多玻璃管的東西, 每一支玻璃管裏面是一個回憶中的情節, 只需將玻璃管裏面的東西倒進一個魔法盤子裏面就能進入那一段的回憶

May 26, 2017

Blog Update: 部落格 ​ Blog #12 音樂+玩+自我表達+社區音樂+音樂治療=夾樂圓Music+Play+Self Expression+Community Music+Music Therapy=Jamsical

音樂不是重點, 而是一個重要的媒介, 一個催化劑去達到一些深層的治療目標例如增強創造力, 抒發個人情感,提升自信, 增強溝通技巧, 情緒調節等. 夾樂圓其實是音樂治療小組的化身.

May 19, 2017

Blog Update: 部落格 ​ Blog #11 音樂如打邊爐.....大家一鍋熟. Music is like hotpot, everything in one pot.

一位紐西蘭作家史摩斯Christopher Small 把「音樂」(Music) 作動詞 「樂」 (Musicking) 用, 他說音樂並不存在, 音樂不是一個物件, 是一個活動, 一個人與人之間的互動.他說音樂的重點不是在聲音, 旋律, 和弦和節奏.

May 12, 2017

Blog Update: 部落格 Blog #10-「玩」音樂-音樂如LEGO, 是用來玩的. Playing and Musicking: Music is like Lego, it's for playing.

「玩」究竟是什麼意思? 想一想這個詞的含義, 其實在中文文字和文化裏, 這個字好像不太常用。「玩」其實同一個人的創造力有分不開的關係。
What does ‘playing’ means to you? I think the word itself already convey so much of its nature in the English language. Playing actually goes hand in hand with creativity.

May 05, 2017

Blog Update: 部落格 Blog #9-音樂 & 香港文化 Music & HK Culture

一講起音樂, 大家會聯想到什麼?
What’s the first thing…or the first few things that come to mind when the word ‘music’ is mentioned to you?

April 25, 2017

Blog Update: 部落格 Blog #8

What's Musicking? 
A reflection inspired by local musicking experiences throughout my backpacking journey around the world.

April 25, 2017

韻創樂集 Inspirem Music & Therapy

Revamping Inspirem Music & Therapy website structure! A new Chinese name, new website look and new layout!!

April 25, 2017

Check out this space for new update!

More musicking groups and music activities coming up soon! Check this space and subscribe to emailing list for update!

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韻創樂集   相信音樂的力量,相信在音樂世界中人能夠找回真實的自我, 激發個人潛能;更相信音樂是人與人之間原始的互動,無論能力、技巧和年齡,都能在音樂世界中自由表達,相互連繫。

Inspirem Music & Therapy believes the power of music to inspire, empower and transform individuals through musical interaction, where one can freely express themselves and to realize one's full potential regardless of abilities, skills and ages.

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