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Blog # 34 音樂治療 & GIM 竟然可以網上做? Thoughts on Online Music Therapy/ Online Guided Imagery & Music

Blog 34 網上音樂治療/網上音樂心靈導航 Thoughts on Online Music Therapy & Online Guided Imagery & Music 竟然因為近兩年因應疫情, 網上音樂治療的出現令不同人士, 院舍, 學校, 不同年紀, 能力, 地域也可以繼續透過網上活動互相連結, 甚至能夠跨國界! 大家可以透過網上互動, 一齊rap, 齊齊即興, 甚至創作歌曲, 令音樂為你發聲! 回想這兩年, 竟然可以在網上開了差不多有十多個不同種類的小組, 最深印象的包括連結幾間院舍同一時間一同互動, 真的是有點不可思議; 學校的網上音樂治療小組, 令學生在這段留在家的時間也可以有一些另類的活動, 舒緩心情之餘, 又能透過音樂創作和小組分享表達自己, 鼓勵學生追尋夢想; 還有社區音樂網上小組, 透過傾談, 將大家的心聲和想法, 一人一句就變成歌詞, 有傾有講有笑地完成了屬於小組的一首歌; 最後還有網上音樂心靈導航, 幾個本地和外國的client 每人完成了10節的心靈導航, 透過音樂和意像(imagery) 更加深入認識自己, 從中思考自己對不同事情的想法以及應對方法.


網上活動優點: - 網上音樂創作大大簡化了器材準備過程 - 音樂治療師不需要每次搬搬抬抬樂器了!




- 參加者有歌曲分享時, 能夠隨時在Youtube 找到, 容易找到創作靈感 -能夠跨空間, 跨地域甚至國家連結多人互動

-Call & Response, 即興創作是在網上互動完美的活動.


-所有視像軟件也還是有delay 情況.

-因為這個delay, 網上音樂活動不能run一些需要同時同步的活動 (e.g. 大合唱, 大合奏). -不能夠給參加者嘗試奇形怪狀的樂器


-小學生和中學生有可能因為家人在鏡頭附近, 不能夠完全投入在中.

-有些學生比較怕羞, 不喜歡開鏡頭, 不喜歡在家人和鏡頭前唱歌.

-上網的穩定程度是令網上活動成功和失敗的關鍵 - 音樂治療師需要有充足電腦音樂製作器材和set up, 令參加者可以流暢/清晰地聽到電子琴聲/其他樂器聲.

因着各樣的限制, 這幾年比較多和參加者進行音樂創作, 歌曲創作, 網上vocal 即興. 懷念和期待可以和大家面對面, 沒有口罩隔絕大家的距離而玩樂器的日子! 1) 網上音樂心靈導航 Online Guided Imagery & Music

2) 網上音樂治療-歌曲創作 Online Therapeutic Music Production

3) 網上音樂治療小組 Online Music Therapy Group/Individual


The Covid season pretty much birthed the new concept of online music therapy, allowing people from different locations, schools, NGO centers to connect online regardless of age, skills and abilities. Everybody can interact via rap, vocal/instrument improvisations, even songwriting and music production. Let music be your voice!

Reflecting on all the works that i’ve done these past two years during Covid, unbelievably managed to host more than 15 online groups. The most memorable one is the one where 5 NGO centres get together at the same time for music improvisation online! Then there’s the online group music therapy sessions for school, allowing students to have alternative activities at home to relax and using music creation to share their own thoughts and feelings, also empowering them to find and follow their dreams; there’s also the exciting online community music sessions where people get together online to share recent thoughts and feelings and turn them into songs, everybody contributed a few lines, through laughter and discussion, the song was born; and not to mention the online Guided Imagery and Music individual sessions where a few clients from around the world each completed a series of 10 sessions, through music and imagery allowing them to understand themselves better, to have a space to ponder on their thoughts and feelings towards various situations as well as finding coping strategies.

Online Music Therapy-

Pro: - Online music therapy simplifies the equipment & preparation process

- music therapists don't need to move & pack the instrument every time!

-Enables each participant to work with the therapist step by step directly in front of the screen

-Each participant can use their own computer

- No more handwriting on whiteboards for writing lyrics!!

- When participants have songs to share, they can find them on Youtube any time, and it is easy to find creative inspiration

- can connect multiple people to interact across spaces, regions and even countries

-Call & Response, Improvisation is the perfect activity for online interaction.


-All video conferencing software still have delays.

-Because of this delay, online music events cannot run some activities that required precise synchronization (e.g. choir, ensemble playing).

-Cannot give participants to try unique instruments

- Lacks the tactile feel of traditional musical instruments

- Students may not be able to fully immerse themselves in the activities because of their family members are near the camera.

-Some students are more shy, don't like to turn on the camera, and don't like to sing in front of their family and the camera.

- The stability of the Internet is the key to the success and failure of online activities

- The music therapist needs to have sufficient computer music production equipment and set up, so that the participants can hear the sound of the keyboard / other instruments smoothly/clearly.

Due to various restrictions, music production, song writing and online vocal improvisation ended up to be the work i’ve done the most these two years! I miss and look forward to the days when we could meet everyone face-to-face and play musical instruments without masks! 1) Online Guided Imagery & Music (GIM)

2) Online Therapeutic Music Production

3) Online Music Therapy Group/Individual

Check out the link for more details :

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