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Blog #24 和聲旅程 Journey of Harmony

最近在YouTube發現了Jacob Collin 這個音樂人,他可以被稱為「和聲高手」(master of harmony) . 

這短短15分鐘的片足夠令到所有自稱音樂人或曾經學習彈奏任何樂器的人(尤其是所有彈琴的人) 進行認真的自我反思而謙卑下來.  

第一: 究竟我們對音樂的熱誠和認真度有幾多? 我們的認真度有沒有驅使去探索所有的音樂元素到這樣淋漓盡致的境界?

第二: 身為音樂人,究竟我們是否只停留在「四個和絃玩所有歌,最多加啲 maj7, min7」的狀態? Jacob 成功地看化了整個和聲世界,將他的領受而最簡單的方式去融合和表達(雖然以一般人的水準應該都需要反反覆覆地去看和思考才能了解他想表達的). 和聲只不過是音樂裏面其中的一個重要元素去表達感情. 其複雜和吸引程度已經足夠窮半生的時間去研究. 和聲是一個情緒的旅程,出發前已經知道最終目的地-「家」. 為求令到旅程精彩, 當中一定不能缺少刻意創造出的鬆緊配合(tension and release). Recently i randomly came across this YouTube video, this video is enough to make anyone who claim themselves to be any instrumentalist/musician (especially pianist!!!) to reflect on their own journey and understanding of music. Enough to humble all of us. 

This guy specialize in harmony, and he has successfully dissected the entire world of harmony into a nutshell (well for the average musician like me it still would take hours of soaking and experimenting first hand all those insights he gave out). Harmony, one of the many aspects of music, the most important one that capture feelings, is fascinating and complicated enough for one to spend a decent amount of lifetime to dig into. Harmony essentially is a journey of emotions with home as the final destination.  

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