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Blog #20 社區音樂在中國 Community Music in China

中國永遠有新奇人/事/物令我大開眼界. 上年有幸在一個絲綢之路的旅程上, 在蘭州的山上找到了一個特別的音樂經歷- 一班年長的音樂人在山上面帶着他們的中國傳統樂器玩現場jam,現場卡啦OK . 今個月在北京, 竟然有幸在街頭親身經歷和一班音樂人一起街頭玩音樂的感覺. 當我去得世界上越多的地方, 我越能去欣賞其他民族的音樂特色, 又能在當中細味當中的不同.

中國大陸的團結性很強, 要將社區音樂引入並不困難, 中國人富有好奇感, 十分願意嘗試新體驗, 願意用不同的方式和他人連結.

那麼香港呢? 香港人有一套不同的文化, 感覺上好像需要更加多的推動和功夫才能將人與人連結起來.社區音樂可能可以好像一小火花.

社區音樂重點並不只是關於音樂, 更加不只是一起創作音樂作品或學習音樂. 社區音樂的重點正正是關於提升人與人之間連結, 關係, 態度/心態改變, 除去驚恐, 充權和其他非音樂目標. 可能最簡單的解釋: 社區音樂的重點在於-與自己共處與他人共處 “Being- being of oneself and with others”(這個中文真係很難翻譯!). 音樂只是引導者(facilitator).

China never cease to amaze me in everything. Last year during a trip on the Silk Road, I have discovered a unique musicking experience on top of the hill with a group of musician with their traditional Chinese instruments.

This year in Beijing I have the rare opportunity to actually take part in a similar experience on the streets and in the parks of Beijing. The more I travelled, the more I learn to appreciate other musical culture and started to see the differences from my own music community in HK.

China actually is so ready for community music, people are curious, willing to try out new experience, people are willing and eager to be connected in different ways.

What about Hong Kong? HK has such a different culture, it feels like it would take a much stronger push and way more effort needed to push people to connect with each other. Community music could be the small spark to light up the fire.

Community music is not just about music making, it is definitely not about creating a musical product or learning together. It is about relationship building, connection, mind shift, attitude/perspective change, breaking down fear, empowerment and many non-musical thing. Or perhaps the simplest: it's all about being- being of oneself and with others. Music is just the facilitator.

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