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Inspirem Music Therapy HK
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迎接2020 年新的季節 New Season New Venue

迎接2020 年新的季節, 我們將會將搬到觀塘, 和幸福傳聲基金會合作一同為不同人士服務. 繼續令音樂和藝術的力量可以感染到更多人, 將會擴展社區音樂/藝術小組, 音樂藝術治療小組, 個人音樂藝術治療等服務. 繼續留意我們的網站和Facebook!

We are excited that this new coming season starting from June 2020, we will move our venue from Sheung Wan to Kwung Tong, partnering up with BlessVision Foundation to serve a range of clients. Unleashing the power of music and art to reach a wider range of people from community music/art jam to music/art group therapy to individual music/art therapy. Stay tune to our upcoming service!

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