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[ θerəˈpj zi-kuh l] 


1. of or relating to the improvement of social, mental, physical, psychological illness or problems by musical means or intervention

2. using musical elements to improve one's holistic wellbeing


1. a group or one to one setting which offers the above characteristic




字義   使用特定方法去改善現有狀況

詞例   音樂治療, 藝術治療


字義   歡喜,快活 

詞例    樂趣,樂意,快樂,取樂   


字義    音樂, 有節奏和旋律的聲音

詞例    樂器,音樂    


【圓】 yuán   

字義    由所有與中心等距的點連結而成的圖形及其所定義的平面。

            一團體, 社區, 小组

療樂圓: 指利用一對一 或小組形式, 在音樂治療師帶領下使用不同的樂器和音樂元素去提高個人,

團體, 家庭的身體, 社交, 溝通, 情緒, 智力, 精神等方面的健康狀況, 以改善生活質素。


Therapsical  is an individual or group music therapy service with specific therapeutic goals. Helping clients to improve their physical, social, communicative, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health and wellbeing through musical interaction, thereby optimize an individual’s quality of life.

Each session is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the individual client. Therapist and client engage in a variety of musical interaction such as Singing, Musical Games, Improvisation, Music Listening, Lyric

Analysis, Song-Writing, Guided Imagery & Music, Music Relaxation as well as Verbal Discussion.


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