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Christmas Special Workshop:

My World

這個不是一般平平無奇的聖誕裝飾工作坊, 這個工作坊提供一個創作空間,

讓你釋放無邊的創意, 利用不同的材料, 創作獨一無二的聖誕裝飾, 在藝術創作

過程中自我反思, 與其他組員互動和交流, 讓一件天馬行空的聖誕裝飾帶你



對象:  成人


時間:  每節1小時30分


地點: 上環德輔道西52-56號永勝大廈3樓A-C座

査詢及報名: http://inspiremmusictherapy

                          Whatsapp 51695790

More than simply creating a Christmas decoration, this therapeutic workshop focuses on the process of creation, allowing participants using different material to creatively express themselves while engaging in opportunities for self-reflections and increase self-understanding. Take home with you a memorable Christmas decoration that truly reflect your identity and personality.

Inspirem Music Therapy HK

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