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Kayan Lam
Art Therapist/Artist/Teacher/Trainer

MS Art Education/Art Therapy, Florida State University, U.S

PGDip in Applied Psychology, City University of Hong Kong, HK

PGDip in Education, Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK

BA Graphic Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic, HK

Kayan Lam 註冊藝術治療師,教師,藝術創作者及照顧專業訓練導師.。早年為插圖師和藝術/特殊教育教師, 随後於美國佛羅里達州立大學獲頒藝術教育碩士,同時接受藝術治療師之訓練。為青少年,成年人,送院人士,及在囚人提供心理健康輔導,濫用藥物/毒品輔導,危機介入輔導。擁有二十多年的藝術/特殊教育經驗和藝術治療經驗。


相信藝術並不是要創造好看或吸引人的東西,  而是容讓我們可以探索心靈深處之美、窺探內心衝突的一扇門。通過創作過程, 內心感受和想法得以化成看得見及觸摸得到的形態、讓大家去多體會理解自己。藝術本就是生活, 是一個旅程: 無論環境際遇如何我們都可以從容面對、 享受途中景色。

Kayan Lam is a Visual artist, Teacher, and Trainer for caring professionals. Art Therapy is not about making ‘art that pleases the eyes’, it is a door that brings out the beauty within and resolve inner conflict. She sees the creative art process as a powerful tool to understand; an expression that makes thoughts & feelings visible. She believes art unfold who we are, help us to meet the challenges in life, to regain focus and to find balance while enjoying the scenes of whatever seasons and situations in the journey. 

She has been working as Mental Health Therapist and Substance Abuse Counselor in varies setting in Florida, including; incarcerated high risk female and incarcerated moderate risk male adolescent, hospital behavioral unit (crisis intervention), adult day care center, correctional institution for male inmates. 


While in Hong Kong, she has been working as an art therapist with elderlies at day care center, adolescents with emotional and behavioral needs in special school; also partnering with NGOs to work with adults with mental health challenges, as well as inmates. She has also been working with victims of human trafficking in Nepal.

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